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Publications – QOC Volume 2 2011

Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe 2011,
Volume II

by the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education / Alliance for Childhood European Network Group

Cover image of Improving the Quality of Childhood in Europe 2011, Volume II

This publication consists of talks given by a range of experts to The Quality of Childhood Working Group in the European Parliament.

Contributors include Christopher Clouder, Sue Gerhardt, Ivan Ivanov, Michiel Matthes, Peter Moss, Vanessa Pallucchi, Bernard Rorke, Fátima Sánchez Santiago, Andreas Schleicher, Lorne Walters, Richard Wilkinson & Lívia Járóka.

Please see below for downloadable pdf's of the full text and individual sections:-

Download Full Text

Download Front and Back pages

Download Table of Contents

Download Introductory Chapter 'Towards a living education' by Christopher Clouder

Download Introductory Chapter 'Improving the quality of childhood: the progress made over the last few years' by Michiel Matthes

Download Chapter 1 – The Quality of Childhood, Evidence from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) by Andreas Schleicher

Download Chapter 2 – Inequality and the Wellbeing of Adults and Childhood in Rich Countries by Professor Richard Wilkinson

Download Chapter 3 – Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby's Brain by Sue Gerhardt

Download Chapter 4 – The Case of the Roma Children by Ivan Ivanov Bernard Rorke and Lorne Walters

Download Chapter 5 – Parental Leave Policies by Professor Peter Moss

Download Chapter 6 – Lessons from Italy: Child friendly cities by Vanessa Pallucchi

Download Chapter 7 – Social and Emotional Education in Cantabria, Spain by Fátima Sánchez Santiago

Download Members of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group and International Network